Green Walls – Water Walls

…create a unique ambience

Plants and water

They just belong together.

That is why we also bring water walls, water pictures and fountains into your rooms in a unique and representative way…

…in numerous variants and from a variety of high-quality materials.

We design our solution as custom work for your rooms, take over the professional installation and are also afterwards available with our service for you.

Green Walls application examples

The outstanding advantages

Clean air:

Carbon dioxide is filtered out of the air and converted into oxygen.

Better room acoustics:

Planted surfaces absorb disturbing noises, reduce the noise level and prevent echoing.

Pleasant climate:

Pollutants from electrical equipment, particulate matter, ozone and odors are filtered or reduced.

Optimized air humidity:

Humidity is regulated by passive evaporation.

Reduced heating and cooling costs:

Thanks to the comfortable room humidity, less heating or cooling is required.

Since its foundation in 1928, our producer has been developing high quality and long-lasting room greenery!

What can you expect?

Professional advice on the selection of the right plants suitable for your room, installation and care!