Odor Elimination

People have become much more critical and demanding. Unpleasant smells are interpreted with lack of cleanliness, and proven to shorten the stay. They lead to negative comments in the social networks and thus affect the return of current customers and the acquisition of new ones.

The secret of our solution – room air with a feel-good guarantee – is:


SinoAir® is a biological, odorless substance to which you can optionally add a naturally pure fragrance. With this product we have a unique selling point. The substance has the ability to irreversibly eliminate even the strongest odor nuisances (e.g. butyric acid) and prevent them from occurring ever again.

And all of this works without the use of chemicals or artificial flavours!

The substance is certified, complies with hygiene regulations and is therefore recognised as harmless to health!


SinoAir® is certified according to VDI 6022 and therefore also works

for your air conditioning system (no deposits in the filter or ventilation pipes).

No residues on clothing, food, skin or furniture!

Individual technical solutions are available for every location.

User-friendly and easy handling.

Settings such as day, times from/to and intensity can be changed at any time via your PC or mobile phone – worldwide.

Our 24h HelpDesk notifies you via e-mail, once SinoAir® needs refilling. 

Except for the refill every 2 to 3 months, no further manpower is required.