Audio Branding

How does your brand sound?

Music is the #1 emotion carrier and indispensable for a recognizable C.I. – and is proven to  account for 40% of all effects in brand communication.

In addition to SMELLING and SEEING, the aspect of HEARING is also part of a harmonious point of experience.

This will result in a clear added value, if this aspect has an inspiring, activating & positive effect on the customers and your staff.

Audio Branding is not an off-the-shelf product but a sophisticated algorithm that, with participation of

of the TU Berlin, develops a brand and customer-oriented music.

The goal is:

to adjust individually to different situations, times of day, locations, occasions and even to the weather!

Additional benefits: Measurement of visitor flows 

Our partner is the first who came up with the idea to use this data concerning music; with the goals:

  • to play the perfect song at the right time
  • to measure which reactions the song triggers…

    …because the perfect song is timely matched to the age group of the currently present target group.

Further possibilities of Analytics data:

upon request.